Friday, July 15, 2011

Revisiting Old Times....

I talked to my sister yesterday, and she is thinking of repainting this wall....for a myriad of when I saw these photos just now, I thought I would share them, with a little story.

In the house that's not my house any more, I had painted a fun beachy scene in the little bathroom...sand, shells, seagrass, clouds, was pretty neat. Nothing special, but I liked it. I also had painted a baseball field for Kevin in his covered the entire wall, and the "border" was the words from a song on the movie Hardball....good movie. We painted over it when we made it into a little girl room for Anna...I'll have to find photos of it somewhere, sometime, and show you. Anyways....on to the house that IS my house now.......

I painted Tori's room for her, and there were really no stipulations...just she knew she wanted a turquoise color for the walls, and so I went with it. I painted and had fun, found a fun comfortor and an Ed Hardy print at the Goodwill, reframed the print, and then painted around it. We were very pleased with the end result. The word "LOVE" that you see actually takes up the entire's pretty big. The circles and words are on the opposite wall.

When my beloved sister came to see me, I had to show her the room, because I had so much fun with it, and she said, "You know, no other dude would just let you loose with a paintbrush in his house and tell you to go at it if it wasn't true love." It was a pretty priceless moment, and those were not her exact words, which were much better, but you get the idea, right? (She did use the word "dude", which makes me love her even more.

We went to her house and had fun with her music room wall.....I painted all crooked-like, and PiePie came behind me and straightened up my lines....gotta love him. :) We had the best steak ever for dinner, and of course the best company in the world to share it with.....and I have a dude and a sister who love me enough to let me paint on their walls!

I'll be happy to paint on your walls, too, if you wish.....and then I can add you to my collection of people who trust me enough to paint on their walls! :) Lined up this week to paint I have the following: the finishing of the round table, a commission table to paint, a cross (which is by far the best compliment I've ever'll know why later), a coffee table, and a ceiling fan. Oh...and the wall at the Butter cool is that? :)

I hope everyone has a super week!

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