Saturday, July 9, 2011


So, the cutest girl came into the store the other day. She was almost timid, but not quite. There was sass there; it just wasn't on the surface level. There wasn't much confidence, but she was just so stinking lovable for some reason...and O to the M to the Geeee....she wanted to add COLOR to her wardrobe. My heavens...she came to the right place, and talked to the right person. We all know that I LOVE COLOR!!!!! I have one special friend who calls me "Her Colorful Friend"...and it makes me smile every time I see it. I love you, "M-C". ANYWAYS.....this girl....we'll go with typical Southern term here...and call her "Sweetie"...was so open to playing with accessories and colors and such...and she was so fun modeling her wares! She put on the aqua dress you see in the photo up there ^^^^^ and came out, almost embarrassed, to show us. I had to stop and give her a life lesson. You wanna know the one? The one where you say, "Look, Sweetie!!! You've got "IT". But, you have to *believe* that you have it! And you have to WALK LIKE YOU'RE SOMEBODY!" And she smiled, all embarrassed-like, and said she'd try her best, or some such statement to appease the crazy lady bestowing unsolited advice upon her. SOOO...she ended up with that cute aqua dress, a yellow flower, and a black, white, and green patterned scarf. (You KNOW that made me happy...because Pattern is right up there next to her friend Color on my list of things that make me happy!) But what got me was the boldness of how she shares her apparent viewpoint of life, right there on her chest, like a plate of armor for the world to see...."BLESSED". I love the witness that it is to others, and simply think that there is probably not a better word to be reminded of daily, as we are all BLESSED beyond measure, and for that, we need to remember to be THANKFUL. Keep up the good work, are awesome!

This is a photo that is in my "recent to share" folder, and on the subject of being blessed...well...we'll let the photo speak for itself!

How are you blessed? Comment and share.

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