Sunday, July 10, 2011


As I was looking through my "to blog" photos, the common theme I saw was flowers, so I decided to share a group of photos today that all have flowers in them. You may have seen them already...but flowers are worth sharing twice, no?

I've been having lots of fun making these wreaths for my room at the Butter Churn as well as for my stockpile for the barn sale I'll be participating in this September.... My newest favorite accessory right now is this flower headband from the Crystal Couture store. It doesn't squeeze my head, and I've gotten tons of comments on it. It was hard to concentrate on the conversation the other night with *M* because she kept staring at my head...lil bit distracting...but it was fun. I've worn it a lot this week. It makes me happy.

Another thing that makes me happy is this tray! I love the colors, I love the sweetness, yet boldness it lends. I LOVE these flowers. I've loved to make them for oh, so very long....they just make me happy. This will go to the Churn, then to the sale if it still doesn't have a home.

And here is the finished Sock Monkey Chair.....I expect this one to go quick....we shall see! I just think it would be great in a fun office, or in a little girl's room....or in a kitchen! The possibilities are endless!

Happy Sunday to you...I hope my flowers brightened your day like they do mine!

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  1. super cute head band, and the chair, I love what you did to finish it off, the little details on the slats on the back of the chair really finish it off perfectly! Awesome Job Abbykins!


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