Wednesday, July 13, 2011


So, as I have alluded to in the past, next to Color, Pattern is my friend. I know...those are not words that are normally capitalized, but in my book, they are names, and names are capitalized. Like Abby, or Anna, or get the idea. So Color and her first cousin, Pattern will likely always be capitalized on my blog...just FYI....there is your grammar lesson for the day.

My favorite thing about Pattern, other than it is so very pleasing to my eye and my busy brain, is that it is fun to match Pattern with Pattern. See? They don't go together, yet they do! These are two bowls I picked up last night while perusing the Goodwill with my captive audience, Katie. (Poor girl is probably scarred for life and will automatically twitch when she sees/hears that word....sorry, Kate.) I think no matter how many kitchens I ever own or am a part of, I could never get tired of finding mismatched china to enjoy every day. Who wants to eat off of the same oldl boring plate when they could be surprised by what is at the top of the stack every time that they eat something? Not me, that's who!

Tell me about your they match? Do you enjoy them? Do you wish for new ones? What would they be? Sounds like a good conversation topic for the day, huh? I think I shall start the thread @ so we can chat about it today!

Good Wednesday to you, Friends!

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