Friday, July 1, 2011

Can there be too much?

Accessories, that is! I should think not! Here is a fabulous example of "too much is so much fun"! What you can't see in this photo is that my fabulous .99 cent Michael Kors dress has ruffly-type sleeves that sort of make it look like I have on a little cropped sweater. It's way awesome, and oh, so comfy...and did I mention .99 cents? Yeah. Gotta love that. got the ruffly-sleeve-vest thing going on, and then I added this vintage scarf/tie that is just one in my collection of many. Not one to leave well enough alone, I had to add the chrystal necklace, too. Aahhh...much better. Here, if you look hard, you can see my feathery headband, compliments of The Crystal Couture Store, just sitting there on my head full of "magnificent" hair, as I've been told, and blending in just the right amount. Also, we can't forget the hideous, but oh-so-wonderful big 80's black plastic hoops....they are perfectly ugly and obnoxious, if I do say so myself. I did have fun with rings, watches, and bracelets when I got to work, but I didn't take photos, so I'll just leave you with those accessories, lest you have accessory overload at such an early time today!

Here is a shirt I've, it is sporting this pretty rose on the breast/lapel area, sitting right on the shoulder. This will be for sale either on Esty or at the barn sale. We shall see. It is a NY&Co size XS if you're interested. It's from my very skinny days...I bought it and wore it once. How sad is that?

And I just finished this way cool cardigan this morning...all it needs is a whoppin' huge button right in the middle, and for that, I'll have to treck through the wet grass to my building, so I'll just wait until the sun comes out. This is a small, and it will either be Etsy'd or barn sale'd. I love the bright orange on that deep aqua pretty! This is another piece of clothing from my skinny days that was worn maybe twice. Gotta get those moving out of here....I have too much stuff!

I have the honor or taking the in-laws to Vanderbilt today, and Anna will also be along for the ride.'s a rush-hour appointment. Here me sing: Jooooy to the world! :) So, I have a lot to get done before I can be ready to go and do that.....happy Friday, everyone!

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