Monday, July 18, 2011


and in case you wonder, the "ish" is where the accent goes on that Tiggerific word.

The table that I have been talking about and working on in my mind has been completed! It is now drying its first coat of lacquer, and will be the recipient of one more coat. will go back to its home. :)

I had to put a couple of coats of red on it for the words as the wood was very dark, and then, not happy, I added some black outlining. STILL not happy, went back and added the white and wah-lah...magically better! Yay! Now, I have to deliver it and pick up the matching chairs. They are also going to be fun!

Sorry, but I didn't take a photo of the "only black highlights" stage....but here it is with the white... and I aboslutely love how it turned out.

This is also another one that has been in my head for ages. THEN...I found the hand-thrown leaf made out of pottery and the pretty pink flowered saucer is a find that Kate actually picked up. When I saw it, I knew what I wanted to do, and here it is!!!!!

There are so many fun pieces to this collage, and the best part is that the frame and the "canvas" that I used were actually an old photo that I don't know where it came from. It was the perfect size, and the frame (now black) is awesome. I had Anna paint the background for me (blue), then added the tissue paper in layers and layers until I was happy with what it looked like. I bought a package of I think six pieces and only used one at Wal Mart for a buck. No kidding. Next, I blinged the "center" of the flower with my rhinestone collection, added the leaves with ribbon, buttons, and...well, other than the pottery, I think that's all. And for a finishing touch on the petals, I added some sparkly glitter paint in pink. The funnest part to me, I think, was adding the Upwords tiles that I got at a yardsale this weekend to spell the word, "flower". I love words. And fonts. And letters. And numbers. And flowers. OK, moving right along......

THIS is my next project, along with a ceiling fan whose blades need some attention from a paintbrush. I'm almost finished with the pillow case I'm working on, then those two items, along with a very special cross that must come before all else, are next on y list. Sooooo...I got quite a bit accomplished 'bout you?

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