Sunday, July 3, 2011

Recap of Today...

So, today I got my kids back....Kevin and Makayla came hom from "Weezianna" as the B. Nanna would say. (Gotta love that kid!) It's been a long day...Nanna and I started out on the road around 7:30 and spent the day running, and we are just now sitting down...I'm pooped....but in a good way. I got to spend a lot of time with my lil sis and her family, and some time with my parents, but never is it enough.

Nanna has counted down the days *all week* for today to happen...and so she had our outshits picked out days ago. (Seems like weeks, ya know???) We wore our matching Hawaiian dresses....and I wish you could have seen PiePie's eyes when he say Honey come walking into the bathroom in her Hawaiian dress. The only thing he could finally manage to squeak out was that he wondered if I wanted everyone to know when I walked into the room. Gotta love him. This dress is mumu-ish to a fault, is brighter than bright...brighter than how it appers in the photos...think 80's neon colors combined with a highlighter on steroids. And I love it. (Then, you knew that, didn't you?) So, while I'm not just all about sharing photos of myself, this was the only one I could get that even remotely captured the colors, a nd it was wayyyyy blog-worthy, in my opinion. What do you think?

It is always a treat to go to my Dear Ole Dad's church. I love to listen to him, and let his passion for being a Christian and for God rub off on me, and I love to listen to my Mumsy Dearwums play the piano. Today, I was also lucky enough to get to see my kids talk about their trip south. Afterwards, we were treated to Chinese for lunch, and that would be where I was able to get this photo of the 'rents with the Nanna....good times, folks, good times.

When I saw Anna's icecream, you know I was reaching for my phone as it i s all colorful, bright, and pretty....but then I remembered why I must love this icecream: it is an oldie but goodie..."Superman". How could you not like that? It is also my cousin Aaron's favorite...or at least it was many moons ago.

Last, I am sharing with you this Fisher Price toy I picked up yesterday for a buck at the flea market. PiePie and I have really been able to build a nice collection of vintage toys and tinker toys for the grandkids, and I anticipate that this one will be around for a loooong time. When you sit down to read tomorrow's post, you will need to remember to bring your box of Kleenex as I have a very sad story to tell you, and it will involve the sharing of Dad's sermon today, entitled, "DO Something". But tonight, I'm just. too. tired.

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