Friday, January 27, 2012


I've been speaking with someone special lately about things that relationships need in order to thrive and grow. There are three things that I've told my sisters and my children that they *must* find in the one they decide to settle down with, and one of them is to have similar interests in any way(s) possible. This means you enjoy they same thing, yes, but it also means there should be a give and take of liking the other person's interests as well. I will use PiePie and Honey's relationship as an example. While they like a lot of the same things (yahtzee, baseball, decorating/remodeling, etc, etc, etc....) they also participate in different things that the other likes. A good example of that is the toy chest is a mixture of PiePie's love of building things and Honey's love of making them colorful...and so together, the box is built and finished. I must be onto something there, because as I was "watching" Oprah last week or so, she had a relationship specialist on and although I wasn't really listening, I tuned in when I heard her say that without togetherness, relationships really couldn't last...and so when PiePie called me to the garage later and I really didn't feel like being out in the cold.....I went anyways. Because a successful relationship not only is about togetherness, but also has participants that are willing to give as well as take.

Happy Friday....

Thursday, January 26, 2012

On Giving

Today, I get to give to someone who has given to me repeatedly. Someone who is virtually a stranger to me in this big ole world, but yet stranger she is not. Each day, I go into the local gas station and get my cherry slush, and each day, I am greeted with her voice calling, "Good morning, Beautiful!" and no matter the day, the weather, the mood, I simply smile...can't help it. It just comes. Every morning, she gives me a smile; a cheerful start to my otherwise dreary (as of late) mornings. And everything is better after a smile because someone called you beautiful, no? I think yes.

Lately, she's been gone. Not working. Not there to greet me. And you know what? I quit going in and getting those sugar-filled drinks I don't need anyways. My days have not started the same way, and I miss my friend, the friend who made me smile every morning, the friend who, no matter what, always was cheerful...the way I strive to be and sometimes don't quite make.

I'm excited today to be able to see this friend after a month of no contact. Oh, how I miss her! I was thinking on the way to town this morning that I want to ask her about her family, about her brothers and sisters, about her children and does she have grandchildren? I think I need to know! I want to tell her about my kids, and make friends with her in a more real way than a smile each morning at the gas station. I'm really super excited to do this, did you know? :)

Here's the part about giving I was going to talk about: receiving is also giving a gift. It is giving a gift to those who love you and want to do something for you, to make your day better, to help you out, to give YOU a smile, and Brenda did not hesitate to give me that gift when I spoke with her. Immediately, I got directions to her house, and her order for breakfast, with no argument. It doesn't get any easier than that, does it!? (I just hope I can find her house!) I am so stinking excited to walk in, hand her her egg biscuit, and give her a hug and call her beautiful that I'm like a kid at Christmas, waiting until the exact moment that I can open a present. This will be the first in a line of many gifts I will receive from Brenda because I will be going to visit her often as I can, and helping her any way I can, with a smile upon my face, because I believe that's what God put us here to do: to help and uplive our neighbors as we would like to be helped and uplifted ourselves.

Brenda won't be returning back to work for a long time, if ever. She was just diagnosed with cancer in several parts of her body plus leukemia. (I probably spelled that wrong.) It's been there a while, but it became not-ignorable about a month ago, and she learned all of that information at once, when she went to the ER thinking she had the flu or some such annoying germ. When she told me all of this, while she was at work, she had a smile on her face and told me just as if she was telling me it is supposed to rain on Thursday but clear off and be a beautiful day on Friday. I hope I can act like that in times of distress, be that peaceful, lean on my God in that way, and show others that I believe that God really is in control and will take care of us as only He can do.

So the moral of the story is that when someone wants to do something nice for you, or to help you, don't argue; let them do it, and tell them thank you, because, after all, you don't want to steal the joy that comes from helping away from them, now, do you? I thought not.

Smile at someone today, be kind to a stranger, for you never know when that stranger may need it more than you could imagine...and it may come right back around and bless YOU in the end.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I find myself with nothing to say.

Soooo....since it is a rainy, dreary kind of day here in middle Tennessee and I seem to have some sort of an umbrella fettish, here is a photo to keep you, dear reader, happy and coming back for more. I'll see if I can do a better job tomorrow. Promise.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

F is for Fabulous, Fashion, and Fun

I really want this book: I could be a What Not to Wear j-u-n-k-i-e if only I were home to watch each day at 11:00 or had the ability to record it. Alas, I do not, so I just wish that I could watch it, especially as I'm getting dressed each day. I love Clinton and his wit, and I love to read, so therefore, I deem this book worthy of being on my want list. Granted, I probably will never need to know a lot of the things that he talks about....I can't think of a time in this lifetime that I've needed to know where the silverware goes or how to decorate, but still.....I want this book. What books are on your "want" list?

There is something about reading (and owning) books that in and of itself is enough to make anyone want one...or a thousand or two. I like the convenience of my Nook Color at night, because I don't have a place for a lamp and Honey can't be disturbing PiePie's slumber, so the Nook is the perfect solution, but I don't like the idea of paying for a book that I can't hold and file on my bookshelf when all is said and done. Virtual just doesn't cut it for me. I guess I'm just too tactile for that. I couldn't digi scrap, I wanted paper. I love to sew and collect fabric....I love the feel, the texture, the patterns. I like to think I inherited that from my Granny who couldn't walk through a row of fabric without touching even if you offered her a million and one dollars. I remember Gramps laughing at us as we both would go through the rows of fabric, touching, touching, just have to touch! Back to the you keep yours when you're done with them? Are you ever really done with them? Do you go back and read them again?

Leave me a comment and direct me to your answer, please! I am curious!

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Meet the In-Laws...

Makayla took this photo at the nursing home a few weeks back. I figure that if I am going to talk about them often, and I will, that you should know who they are! These two have been so good to me....they took me into their family and loved me and my children regardless of circumstance, heresay, and rumors. Unconditionally. How often do you get that, I mean often do you get that? I've been twice-blessed with in-laws that love me...more than many see in one lifetime, I know. I am a lucky girl. Any prayers you wanna send up for Barb and Carl (or Granny and Papa) are appreciated...both have numerous health issues, and both need all the help they can get, so pray away! (Thank you.) That's all for today. Happy Saturday.

Friday, January 20, 2012


See that quote up there ^^^^ by the ever-popular John Lennon?

My daughter (up there ^^^) left that for me on my facebook wall. You know how sometimes you get little glimpses that tell you you have done right or good, when you are least expecting them? When I read this quote, I had one of those moments. It was confirmation, at least in my eyes, that the "work" I do to make sure and stay happy and be a good role model (at least in that manner) has done some good; has sunk in.

I looked up the definition of the word, "confirm," and I found that among other definitions, the word means "to make valid" or "to add strength to". I shall take that strength with me into this brand-new day that I have ahead of me, and I shall try my very best to continue to be that role model each and every day. After all, we only have one life to live, and we might as well do it happily, right? I challenge you to do the same.

Have a happy Monday! :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

So I'm 18 Days Late....

but at least I showed up! (Better late than never, right?) I said I was going to start blogging on January 1....oops.

Let's see...I think I shall make this a catch-up post, then really start sharing random things afterwards.

In case you care to know:

*I've been busy being happy.

*We have Kevin signed up for the Nashville Auto Deisel College.

*Kate starts "hair school" on Thursday of this coming week.

*Anna is still so stinking cute it should be illegal.

*Makayla is done (I mean d-o- n-e) with basketball. Whew!

*I got a new tattoo.

*The store is going well.

*Mark is busy taking care of us, the dogs, and any and everything else that needs to be done because he is Mr. Wonderful, and taking care of us is what he does best.

*We are caring for Mark's parents, and it is proving to be quite the job. I'm running 8 days a week, 26 hours a day. I'm tired.

*I'm happy.

*I think that's all. If I forgot something, feel free to ask.

See ya tomorrow!