Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just when we need it...

God sends us a rainbow, but sometimes, we have to be willing to look for/see it in whatever form it may take. This evening, after a particularly rough evening, but a very blessed day, I really needed to see this on my dresser....which is exactly why I put it there, I suppose....because it makes me smile. Thank you, Jesus, for this reminder of Your love for us and for Your promise that tells us that we are in YOUR hands, and that YOU have a plan for us, a future for us, and YOU will use our lives to the good and positive, if only we agree to be an instrument of Yours to others. I'm so very thankful for the friends, both new and old, who uplift me daily, without fail, because they love me, and for a God who does the same by putting those friends in my path. Do you need a promise from God for a future He has made for you? Here's your rainbow...straight from Anna's heart to yours. You just have to love that kid.

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