Monday, October 24, 2011

At Long Last.....

...I am here to blog. I dunno why, but even though I *think* about blogging every day, I don't *think* of something to say every day these days. Sorry about that! However, today's post is the grand post of all posts because it is the sneaky peaky of the store.....and I *know* you all want to see that! (If not, don't bust my bubble, K? Thanks.)

This is just a collage wall of some things that I thought were deserving of a wall in our store....just because I said they were. That and because I love to mix up a bunch of things that don't "match", but yet "match". It works...and I like it.

Here is a little look-see of my desk....I loved her when I first layed eyes on her, and I love her now that she is cleaned up, yet still old, and she will remain all mine. Again...because I said so.

That's it for now....but stay tuned for tomorrow's episode...I will be showing off our mascot(s) and who knows what else!