Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Bowl, Addi, Jell-O, and a Drawing.

How's that for PiggaPancake? I'm just going to ramble about a few of my favorite things tonight!

First of this bowl not fabu? I LOVE it because it can be laced with different scarves or ribbon, based on the season, celebration, room decor, or what have you. I (very unwillingly) gave up one of my sheer vintage pink scarves, because it was the right length to weave around it and tie, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the look of it! I can see this in a baby girl's room, holding her hair ribbons, socks, little name it. I can see it with a red ribbon at Christmas breakfast holding the muffins or biscuits. I can see it with a pretty plant in it, the vinery weaving in and out of the many possibilities...and it is a big bowl. Think big mixing bowl...that's the size. This is already at the Butter Churn...I couldn't keep it here very long or I'd be stuffing it full of my own things...balls of yarn, wooden blocks for the grand babies to play with...oh, the possibilities!

Next, I *finally* found the pillow case I made for Addi for her birthday back in May to match her new bedroom decor. I washed it, dried it, and then it disappeared. Who would have guessed that 2 months later when it resurfaced, it had been hiding in Makayla's room the whole time? Me, that's who. I'm just glad it's found...those were a lot of stitches made with a lot of love! This is a king-sized pillow case. The sunshine has her initials, monogrammed Abby-style, in the top left corner. Next is the butterfly......and then there are flowers at both the bottom and the top on the right side....and on the end, where the pillow goes in, I wrote "Addi" across it....but you can't see it well. I had so much fun making it for her, with all the colors and fun little nature-y items, and knowing it is something she can have and sleep on when she is a grown adult, same as she can sleep on it being her cute little two-year-old self. Good thing it's not something she can't outgrow since I'm a couple months late getting it to her. I'll have to find a photo of last year's's got her name on it, too!

Next, I found these Jell-O molds...12 of them, in great shape! I was oh, so very excited....and I like how the photo came out with the word popping at you....these are going to the Butter Churn...unless I already took them. I don't remember. Last, I had the drawings for you that are in the process of being our new business cards. I know, I know. I've had a ton of them made, and I've changed this and that throughout the process of figuring out exactly what we wanted our business to do and to be. I think we are there now, and we happen to know of a super-great design team who will do whatever you want for you at a great price, and in a very timely fashion. Search for them on Facebook by typing in Visionary Design Team. Use them. You won't be disappointed. Promise. I also took in drawings for two stickers to be made today, but I didn't snap a photo of them first, so you'll just have to be in suspense about those for a while. I know. The suspense is just going to kill you, right? (Right.)

I'm so excited about how our little business is growing and what we are doing. I love that these cards can represent us as a family and what we do...raise puppies, paint furniture, draw on walls, find unique items and share them with's all covered under our "Perry's Paradise" business. After all, we are a family who all pitches in to discover finds to be made new again, to scour the yardsales and crannies of our closets to make a perfect find, to help primer and paint, to give ideas and quote Mc D''s fun, and "I'm lovin' it!"

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