Sunday, August 28, 2011

Just another Sunday in Paradise.....

and I've been up since 6:00 with the Nanna Baby. And that is OK. We've cuddled, taken care of our puppies, Ranger, Joe, and Lula. Lula is the most "hobnoxious" one.....she is good "friends" with our rolled-up newspaper.

I can't believe how it seems so fall-like now, just within a week or so! At one moment, it was hot, hot Tennessee summer time, and the next, I see leaves falling and you can almost just feel it...fall is in the air! I'm loving my pumpkin ribbon on my copper sampler.....the colors, again, to me are fall!

You've heard a bit about the new doggers on facebook, if you are a friend of mine there, so you should see this awesome-cute picture of "Little Eddie". Isn't he the cutest? We brought him and a pair of Bostons home with us last weekend when we went to SELL dogs! I guess we got it backwards!I have a secret....I'm working on my dream. Something my sisters and I have talked about for a long long as I can remember. And Mom, too. I'm actually doing it. Living my dream. (Thank you, PiePie Perry!!!!!) You will be hearing me talk about that, and you will be getting hints both on here and on facebook, so if you are not on facebook, you need to be and look up Perry's Paradise and click the "like" button. You also need to friend me personally by typing in "Abby Mark Perry" and there will only be one that comes!

Pay attention; there's a lot of great stuff happening here at PP!!!!!

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