Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Today, we went to the fair to watch the grandbabies in their beauty pagents. I could ramble on this subject for quite some time, but I won't bore you with my thoughts on the subject. Suffice it to say I was happy to be there because that is what they were doing, but I could have thought of another way to spend the evening whether I was them or me. OK, I said I wouldn't rant on that. So.....I will say that it was an enjoyable time....we got to watch them, see some other people that we haven't seen in a while, sweat some, sweat some more, and watch Anna "catch" a fish on her first ping pong ball throw. (This was a very exciting moment in the life of Sally Sue Perry, to be sure.) Then, we walked around and she ended up choosing to ride the ferris wheel as her one ride....and she enjoyed it a whole very much. It was fun to watch her tell her Bubble all about it on the phone, complete with the circular hand motions whilst bubbling over about her ride, and how she wasn't even scared. What a trooper!

I'm tired today, so Anna's experience at the fair and the photo below will have to be the bloggy blog for today.

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