Monday, September 5, 2011

Yup.....'s been a while! I've been so busy with life that throwing in some creativity has been a bonus, and sleep has come so quickly! I've decided to make up for it by sharing three projects with you I've done just today, actually, that all involve flowers.....sort of.

This is the granddaughter's time out bench....these are the sides....the top is boring, because it's a time out bench...but I couldn't leave the sides without a touch of Abby.....sorry for the terrible photos. Don't you just love that HUGE "diamond" in the center of the one on the right? That baby is literally 2 inches in diameter! Totally gaudy and perfect in every way!

OK, so this is a sunshine, not a flower....but it could be a flower, not a any rate....this is the new shirt design for the first "Perry's Paradise Presents...." done for a select charity for a select reason each time there is an event. The plan for now is that we will have a semi annual sale here in the back forty that involves as many in the community as will participate, and I do plan on badgering them until they finally cave and just say YES! It doesn't really matter if you are even near or in the same state as we are....if you love the design, please buy a shirt! All proceeds of 50 shirts after the sale of the first 13 will go to to help combat Austism. Please email me at if you are interested in purchasing one.

Last, this old stool is a purchase I made last weekend at the fleamarket simply because the PiePie and Honey forgot to throw in their chairs and were there allll day. It was a last ditch effort because I couldn't find anything else. I wasn't too fond of it because it was old and dirty looking, but it was sturdy, and I needed a seat. PiePie painted it this burnt orange color for me to match the color in the twine used as the "seat", and I painted the huge hibiscus on it. From the beginning, it's what my brain calculated when it was this stool. It's pretty hard to paint on that stuff and be accurate, but I like the final result, mostly. The diamond in the middle covers an "oops" of black that globbed all together.....but it's growing on me. Let's just be thankful for 2" diamonds that fall from the sky just when you need them! :)

I'll try to be more regular.....

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