Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I saw her photo today....I made this card for her....

and I was talking about her yesterday. I miss her. I know I'm not the only one. I hope I can always keep her attitude, which would be that of the sentiment of the quote I used.

If you have the opportunity to help do anything that helps fund cancer, please do so. This might be the donation of your time, not just the donation of your money. It might be to encourage a friend or family member that you have who is running for the cause, participating in something like this: www.sherrysrun.org. It might be to buy a shirt where the proceeds go back to the cause. It might be to donate an item for a silent auction, or to decorate a hard hat that will be donated and auctioned (wonder who will be doing that?!?! lol), or it might be to sell the tickets or take up the money or serve a meal. Who knows? As long as we are all working together, all those little things add up to a great big thing, and that is helping to find a cure for a disease that wreaks havoc on so many individuals, and ultimately, on whole families. Not only does it help find a cure, but there are also so many other parts of being affected by cancer that need the time and money of others. Please seize the opportunity to help make a difference!

Sarah...I will continue to try to make a difference, all for you, Babe!

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