Friday, August 5, 2011

Dear Diabetes,

Oh, Diabetes, how I could talk about you for hours on end! I've had so much experience dealing with you, and while I don't mind being someone that my Jesus thought was stubborn enough to deal with you, I do mine that you wreak havoc on so many lives, including many of those that I know and love. For 25 years now, I've watched you as you have made people sice, and I have fought you tooth and nail to keep those I love healthy. I have learned about you, and if I had my heart's desire, I would be counseling with those who are affected by you, but after all my other student loans I cannot pay for, I am not able to continue having an education to work with those people. Drat. Let me rephrase that....with people in a job where I would be paid. I sure do work with people now....and have since my early teens, who are family members of mine. I do not like you. Just sayin'.

Not so fondly yours,


I want to share with you, in a rather long post, how diabetes has affected my life, and the lives of those around me. However, after working on it for three days, Blogger ate everything except that which is above. I'm more than a little upset. I'll post this for now, then do another episode tomorrow, when I'm not disgusted.

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