Monday, August 1, 2011

Black and White? White and Black?

Either are a couple of fun b/w things I'm loving these days!

This is my *new* vintage's made out of something that is reminiscent of the old-time telephone cord stuff that is curly, and beads...maybe a hybrid of the two, LOL.'s perfect in every way, and I'm pretty positive it was never used until I loaded it down yesterday. This was found at a yardsale this weekend, and it was shove whatever you can into a sack for $5....I got three more vintage handbags and a few other things.....$5 bucks. SCORE!!!!!

Next, this is one of the drawers I am working on for a girl who is re-doing her room. The drawer is baby boy blue, or powder blue, only brighter. The liner is black/white/grey stripes. I realllllly likey. :) And wait til you see the drawer pulls, and wait til you see them in the dresser when it's finished!!!! I'm oh, so very excited!

Just because I'm nice that way, I'm going to show you where the drawer(s) (there are two) are going...remember, it's not finished yet....but isnt it fabu?

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