Friday, June 24, 2011

Pig-a-Pancake Post

My friend, *M* and I always laugh at how random our conversations flow, and how we just jump from one thing to the next to the it is so like the book When You Give a Pig a Pancake...and so it began that I would make "Piggapancake" posts...and this would be one of those.

I was commissioned several months ago to paint the table below. It was a brown table, and was perfectly respectable just the way it was...except it was in need of a peace sign. This lovely, very originally named "Peace", will be going to live in a store with ribbons and bows and monogrammed items in Alabama. How 'bout that?!?!? She has been in so many stages I've called "finished"....and then I would keep looking, and keep changing, and keep going...and now, I do believe she is perfectly finished. The board below is the one I've used to spraypaint other items on, hence the spraypaint! :) (Just in case you couldn't figure that out!) This is another commission....and I am just going to let you wait until it is finished to see the "after". Are you curious? As well you should be. Oh, the grand ideas that roll around in this brain of mine! (You should see PiePie when I say, "I've been thinking...." or "I had this idea......" He just loves that.)

And then, I was thinking last night that I needed to post my thoughts I was thinking about this kid:

We actually took this photo yesterday morning on the way to work. I didn't really know I would "need" it today for this post....but it turns out I did. I had to take a trip in an ambulance last night with my mother in law (who is fine now, thank you for caring) and I had to send Makayla to get my purse and phone so I could keep in touch with her and PiePie and PaPa while with Barb. Bless her lil pea-pickin' soul....when we got there, she had picked up my cardigan that goes with me everywhere I go, my sewing, and my bag of entertainment that I take with me nearly everywhere I go as well. How stinking thoughtful was that?!?!?!? My shivering self was very happy to have my cardigan, and my Nook, and some other goodies to entertain me while waiting to check hourly blood sugars until 1:00 a.m. Bless her heart! I think she'll make a super-fantastic mom, as long as she doesn't leave her kid somewhere like she does all the rest of her belongings. Good thing that is still a few years away....maybe we can work on that trait a little bit more between now and those days!

And now, to gather myself for a long day tomorrow....happy Friday!

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