Monday, June 27, 2011

Hunting and Making

Two of my favorite things are hunting for "junk" that I see is not junk and making things. I got to do both yesterday. Color me happy. I will be going back to the little spot we found, too, because there was LOTS of good "junk" there!

PiePie decided he wanted to take the little white male we have with us, and has affectionately named him Brutus. Funny thing is, another of the dogs from this litter that we sold has the same name. :) It was fun watching him look out the window....

This is along the lines of finding...I actually found it a couple of weeks ago, but haven't gotten around to sharing it yet....I got this lovely baby with all its yellowness for a buck. Yup, a buck. It now hangs on our front porch next to the red one we found last year. Then we get on to the "making" part....which is what I did last night. Anna and I made "fabric balls" and I used a piece of the sheet to wrap around the wreath form, then added the huge flower to it. I like how they turned out. Not my original idea....but I like.

Ohhh....that Timex alarm clock in the photo I got yesterday, too....for a buck. Yup, a buck. :) The wreath is a pretty blue and has white polka dots on it. Polka dots make me smile. :)

Off to do more making....

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