Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Boxers...a large part of our family.

When I became a Perry, PiePie had a roommate named Harley. Harley was his reason for coming home in the evenings, he was company, and he was just good for Mark. I swear this dog is at least half-human, if not more. The way he cocks his head when you talk to him...the way he just knows to follow Anna around the yard, the way he plays, the way he looks at you when he knows he shouldn't have just done that...it's priceless. He's clumsy, he's goofy, he's huge, he's smart, he's beautiful, and he is the best dog for any family (or family for any human, as the case was in the beginning of this story).

It wasn't long after I came to be a full-time member of Perry's Paradise that PiePie and I decided that you couldn't have too much of a good thing, so we set about looking for the perfect companion for Harley. After all...PiePie now had Honey, so it was only fair to find a Missus for the Mister four-legged tenant dwelling at Perry's Paradise.

We rescued Emma from a home where she was not loved and treasured, and the lady knew this, and wanted better for her, so she put an ad on LSN. I'm not sure why, but we knew we needed to go and see her, and when we did, we knew she had to be ours. She had such a good temperament, she looked so much like Harley, and she was just begging to be ours. I guess PiePie thought Honey needed a "hers" pet to go with his "his" pet.

It was so easy to add Emma to our family! She took Harley's lead about going out at the right time, and though she can tend to be a little stubborn (every woman has her right, right???), she still is perfect for us. Honey was more than a little worried about how much work was going to be involved with bringing a fully grown dog into a new household...but Harley did a great job inducting her and teaching her the rules. They were, and are, indeed perfect for each other.

I can't tell you the countless hours that we spend outside with them, playing with them, watching them, talking about them, or how much we just enjoy them and love them. Maybe it is corny, but they have given us joy in large ways with their seemingly small actions and antics.

We have been blessed to be able to share our love of the breed with others...we even converted my "non-convert-able" sister over! It has been so much fun to watch as our puppies have been inducted into their new homes, and we love when we hear from the families of them...oh, the stories they tell! Just tonight, one of our eleven new babies went to a perfect home with three small girls. I can just imagine how "Tiger" will be with those girls, how he will be protective over them, just like his dad is over Anna.

It just seemed fitting to talk about our four-legged family members and introduce them to you so that you know who they are, as they will come up in conversation often, no doubt. Plus, I was just super excited that we were able to place another of our puppies into an awesome home this evening, and I wanted to share. This little girl is Tiger's sister, and she is still available to a good home...as well as four of her sisters and two of her brothers. Isn't she just the sweetest?

Happy Tuesday, friends!!!!

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