Sunday, June 26, 2011

For the Graduates...

Do you remember when I posted this:??? I've got it looking so much different now. Check THIS out: what do you think? I'm really excited...I love grafitti, and while I by no means am capable of making any, this is, to me, reminiscent of it anyways. This was actually a piece of scrap board that PiePie let me use to spray paint on, but when I was asked to do something for a graduate, I knew what I wanted it to be. How can you think of a graduation without thinking of the wondermous Dr. Seuss?????

I still have to put the shiny finish on, and then I have to paint the back side as well. I have that in my hit me on the way home from the flea market last night, and I'm really excited to see it "in person". Ha.

What do you think?

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