Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Little Picture Story

You know when you were a kid and there were those books that had words, and then every so often, there would be a photo instead of a word? This is one of those stories, so follow along....

There was a:


who had a:


Her friend loved her lots and lots and walked through a lot of deep-forest-y walks, the scary kind where you have to leave breadcrumbs and all....

but even through it all, the (friend) was certain that the (girl) was really:

(Wonder Woman) in disguise.

Knowing this made the (girl) be all cheery and sunshine-y from the inside out, causing her to spread rays of cheer to others around her, something like this:so maybe she really was (Wonder Woman) after all!

It also made her:(smile) when she thought of her (friend), but not as much as when she opened a package full of love from her when she wasn't expecting it.

Knowing she has (friends) like this is what helps her be able to: (breathe) even when she feels like it's impossible.

Thank God for friends.

The End.

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