Monday, June 20, 2011

Not Just a Photo Shoot....

So, I've been doing some talking with an old friend of mine, and we've been doing some brainstorming for our businesses. She takes photos, I paint stuff. You see the combination, right? Thought so. Today, it just so happened that my "only running by and dropping off a chair" turned into a couple hours spent in the home of Debbie Davis.

She (ever so patiently) took photos of our Boxer puppies, and I was thinking as I watched how she is so good at what she does because she welcomes people right into her home, and you feel like you belong there. It's so easy to act "normal" and just BE there...and therefore, the photos she takes are nothing short of a-mazing. (In case you dont' know me well, that is a word I almost-never use....but in this case, no other will do.) I will be sure and share some photos with you that she took when they are in my greedy, impatient little hands. :)

Below is the other reason why I say "not just a photo shoot" and why she is so good at what she really feel at home! Anna played with her baby chicks while she was snapping photos.... and then after we were finished, we *had* to go and see the animals. It was likea trip to the zoo, only peaceful....there were chickens, rabbits, horses, cows, new little barn kitties, and mules...and her dog...Molly. These are just a couple of pictures I snapped with my phone while I was watching them have fun in her barn before I finally was able to coax them into the car and towards the house....

The girls have asked me all day when we get to go back to Mrs. Debbie's house and play, and were very upset to have to leave. The secret they are not aware of is that IIIIIII get to go back and play with Mrs. Debbie on Monday...and I can't wait!

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