Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Random Facts...Continued

I think of other random things that I didn't include in my 100, and I want to document them, if for no one else, than for my amusement at a later date.

1. I can mirror write.  I was the coolest teacher ever in middle school because I wrote backwards in everyone's yearbook.
2.  I get complimented on my nice handwriting all the time.  This is ironic because when I was in elementary school, I got in trouble regularly from my teachers and my father about my poor handwriting.  It was only after I taught Kindergarten and went back to the basics that I was able to write legibly and started receiving compliments.
3.  My fourth grade teacher wouldn't let me help with the bulletin boards, because I was left handed, which automatically somehow qualified me as a poor cutter.  I was the only kid in the class that didn't get to do them, and I was heartbroken.  I've always wanted to look her up and tell her that the first year I was a teacher, I was an ART teacher, no thanks to her encouragement and support.
4.  I remember being in 2nd grade and being embarassed by the teacher because I didn't know what the contraction "let's" was made up of.  The sentence was,"Let's go to the store."  I knew that let's was let and us, but when you said it: Let us go to the store. it didn't make sense.  I didn't want to be wrong, so I didn't say anything.  She yelled at me and made me cry and I was so embarassed.  Finally, I said "let us" and she then yelled at me for not saying it earlier.  Again, thanks for the encouragement, lady.
5.  In fifth grade, we moved to Tennessee. My teacher was so intrigued with my Northern accent that she would have me read to the class.  This isn't necessarily a bad memory....more like an amusing one.
6.  I *hated* school (geez I wonder why!) and was so relieved to be done after my 10th grade year so that I could get away from the nonsense that was called "learning" and get on with the education that I needed to be a teacher. 
7.  I do not like talking on the telephone.
8.  If I never had a TV in my house again, I would be one happy camper.  I don't like the noise.
9.  I enjoy having a fish tank.
10.  I love light, and lots of it.  Windows.  Lots of windows make Abby happy.
11.  I am very stubborn.  This can bite me in the butt sometimes, but it is also what has gotten me through a lot of my life, and if I had to choose, it is a quality I would keep because I think it has done me more good than harm over the years. 
12.  I love the smell of tomato plants in the garden....transports me right back to the garden with Gramps and the tiller.
13.  I can remember telling two people in my life that I hated them.  Ironically, it was the two people I credit with forming me into who I am, the two people I look up to more than all others on this whole planet.  How did that happen?!?!?
14.  I am queen of the silent treatment.  You will not win, so don't even bother going there.  :)
15.  I *hate* Western movies.  It's the music.  It's too noisy.
16.  I love games and game shows.  Always have.
17.  When I was younger, I read things like the dictionary, the encyclopedia, and the telephone book.  I'm not sure that it made me smarter, but it sure did keep me entertained.
18.  When I was taking classes to get my teaching degree, one of our sources had to be the Internet.  This was just something I was hearing existed at the time, and I was very distressed.  I cried because I had no access, and wouldn't know what to do with it if I did.
19.  I like to sleep on a hard mattress with a board underneath.  I get this from my dad, who made us have boards under our matresses to help us have a better back than he did.
20.  The board theory didn't prove so much to be true at prevention; I had to have a disc removed anyways, but I still like to sleep with one under my bed.  I do not like a soft bed.
21.  One of my earliest memories is of helping Dad put his socks and shoes on after his back surgery.  My children helped me do the same, a couple decades later.
22.  I am the only child out of four who chose not to pursue a career that involved music.  Perhaps this is because the earliest memory I have involving music was arguing with my mom about practicing...and it was an ongoing arguement through the years.  I understand now, of course, that I am a mother, the things that I didn't understand then, and I regret that the talent she cultivated isn't put to use.
23.  I've been married twice, but have never been proposed to (at least not by either man I married) nor have I had a wedding.
24.  I have been proposed to by more men than I can count...and I wonder why????  I got a fortune cookie one time that said that I have a magnetic personality.  I'll say.  I think they see my "happy" and want a dose of it is all....which would require a relationship with God, not me, so yeah....they should thank me for gracioiusly declining.
25.  I love pictures. 
26.  I love to people-watch, and it's better if you have an active people-watcher with you.
27.  I still have not forgiven the kid that made me wreck my bike on purpose, back in the summer between 5th and 6th grades.  Makes me mad every time I think about it, and no, I don't know why I think about it. 
28.  I stink at video games in a huge way, but I am BOSS when it comes to playing Tetris. 
29.  I don't know how to play card games.  I can play Rummy, and Solitaire. 
30.  I stink at math, which could be the reason I stink at the aforementioned games.
31.  I talk to our dogs every day when I leave, and every evening when I return.  Weird.  I've become the "dog lady".
32.  For some reason, I like pumpkins...they make me smile.  Maybe it's the memories from childhood, maybe it's because they are orange. 
33.  Smells make me very sick.  Cologne, perfume, cleaning smells....they are all very bad on Abby.
34.  I wish I had room to keep all of the books that I've ever read, and I wish I had documented them all from the time I learned to read until currently.  I have no idea what I would do with that list, but I think it would be neat to have.
35.  I would rather have a book in my hand than a Nook-like device, but I will admit they are handy.
36.  I am scared of the idea that snakes can't be seen until you step on them.  I am not woosy if the snake is in a cage at the zoo.  But don't ask me to wade through tall grass or a creek...nope.
37.  My sister and I spent countless hours in creeks growing up, huntingn for crawdads and other whatever-we-could-finds along the way.
38.  I don't cry.  Well, hardly ever.  If I cry, I am either really mad, or you've hurt my feelings; cut me to the core.  Either way, watch out.  I don't cry at funerals....and it's not because I'm not sad...it's just...well...I dunno why.
39.  I never cried about my Gramps' passing until I couldn't breathe.  Then, I cried I think not so much because of his passing, but rather because of the selfishness of not wanting him to go...because it is so very scary when you can't breathe.  You know what?  He lived with that problem for YEARS, and never complained.  I know it had to be scary.  I know I was scared, and I don't have asthma, and I don't have COPD, or emphasima (I really don't think that is spelled right, but I'm too tired to care.)
40. I am scared to death of authoritive figures, like bosses.  I always am nervous.  I have no idea why, unless it is the ever-so-loving teachers that I had over the years who conditioned me to be that way.
41.  There have only ever been two people in the world that can make me feel an inch tall.  Those two people are among the top five people who would be thought of to be people that would want to love me, not cut me down using the tactics that they knew would go straight to my very soul.
42.  There are a few things in my life, that despite my stubbornness, I've had to just throw in the towel and walk away from them....and to me, that's the same as conceding to the enemy, which really stinks.  But then again, I only owe to myself to be satisfied that I did what I could, and that I am a winner, not a loser, by choosing to be strong enough to walk away from those relationships and situations.  It takes a lot of courage to throw in the towel, even though it doesn't seem like it would.
43.  I don't watch the news.  This may seem simple-minded, but I don't want to know what's going on so that I have to worry about it.  If it happens, it happens.  Again, simplistic, but me.
44.  I don't choose to be uneducated; I choose not to worry.
45.  I always wanted to be an astronaut.  Still would go in a heartbeat.

That's enough for tonight!  :)

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