Friday, June 8, 2012

Just Random

Something she keeps hidden:  my thoughts and feelings

Something that's always on display: my smile

One thing she wishes she could throw away:  negativity

The best gift she ever received:  motherhood

An unusual thing in her purse:  At the moment, my purse is really pretty empty.  Let's see....the strangest thing in there, I believe, is dental floss.  Other than that, it's just the same ole...checkbook, calendar, little pouch with lip stuff and such...pretty boring.

Something she NEVER runs out of:  words.  Very rarely do I run out of words.

Something that's always in her trunk:  junk.

Her favorite pair of shoes:  my Nike flip flops.  I've walked through one pair, found another last year, and they are close to being walked through, too.  I haven't seen anything similar yet this year. 

Something she never takes off:  the earrings in my second holes.

Something she sleeps with every night:  lots of pillows.

Something that triggers a memory: smells. Always smells.  Also, sometimes when someone says something, I'll think  of something from another time.

One thing that's on her wish list:  hmmmm...laser surgery for my eyeballs, maybe? 

Something her children fight over:  the front seat of the car.

Something she's embarrassed to admit she likes:  a good boxing match.

Something she collects:  things that speak to me when I see them.  And quotes.  And pottery, especially handmade. 

Something she avoids at all costs:  conflict, sadness

Something that reminds her of her mother:  classical piano music

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