Friday, June 15, 2012

The Golden Rule

I was just sitting here on the couch, thinking about life in general, looking through facebook, my mind wandering here and there, and out of the blue, I thought, "You know, there is so much to be said about treating others the way you would like to be treated."  Then, I remembered that I was not the first person to ever come up with that theory, idea, statement, whatever you wanna call it; Jesus came up with that as a commandment!

I think it is safe to say that it is always no fun to be the one on the receiving end of treatment that is less than stellar.  It stinks to be talked about.  It stinks to not be liked.  It stinks to know that there are double standards in relationships.  It stinks when hurtful words are said to you.  It stinks when you feel as if you don't matter to someone who matters so very much to you.

It's confusing when you don't understand why you are receiving that treatment, but it hurts just the same.  It's confusing when you hear the words,"I love you," but the actions don't match the words.  It's confusing and sad and hurtful and all of the above and more when you feel like you've done everything you can possibly do, and nothing you do is good enough.  You are not good enough.  You are not enough.  You don't matter as much to that person as they matter to you.  Sometimes, relationships stink, don't they?

I've been so fortunate to be surrounded by the best group of friends who have listened to me, who have prayed for me, who have loved me, who would do anything in the world for me, as I would for them.  Out of the hurt and the confusion, friends I already had became much more than "just friends," and others became friends unexpectedly.  All of us became friends because God put us just where we needed to be at just the right time.  So the "at least" in this situation is this: At least I have a group of friends who love me, who care for me, and who I can count on in all situations. 

What I've learned from this situation is how to be more sensitive to others, to be more considerate of others, and  to care more about what I say and how I say it.  I've learned that I've had the opportunity to grow from this situation, and I'm afraid the growing process just started, and won't be done for a while. 

BUT...I also know that God will give me nothing more than what He knows I can handle.  I know that a year from now, maybe even a month from now, who knows?, I will be able to look back at this confusing and hurtful time in my life, this scary time, this time when I have literally had to get myself up and dressed and go throught the motions of the day because I have a child to take care of, and I will be able to plainly see God's work.  I will have learned what He wanted me to learn, and hopefully, I will grow the way that He wants me to grow.

I hope to always demonstrate the Golden Rule when I am dealing with others. I hope to never be hurtful.  I hope to always be uplifting and encouraging.  I hope to be the smile that helps someone through their day.  I hope to be able to help and uplift others as others have helped and uplifted me.

Thank you, Jesus, for my friends, for this group that surrounds me with their love and care, these girls who call to check on me, who text me randomly to tell me they love me, who support me, who are my smile when I don't have one...thank you.  Thank you for this group of friends who have demonstrated to me the Golden Rule, and have extended their love to me unconditionally.  Thank you, friends.  You know who you are.  I love you.

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