Friday, January 27, 2012


I've been speaking with someone special lately about things that relationships need in order to thrive and grow. There are three things that I've told my sisters and my children that they *must* find in the one they decide to settle down with, and one of them is to have similar interests in any way(s) possible. This means you enjoy they same thing, yes, but it also means there should be a give and take of liking the other person's interests as well. I will use PiePie and Honey's relationship as an example. While they like a lot of the same things (yahtzee, baseball, decorating/remodeling, etc, etc, etc....) they also participate in different things that the other likes. A good example of that is the toy chest is a mixture of PiePie's love of building things and Honey's love of making them colorful...and so together, the box is built and finished. I must be onto something there, because as I was "watching" Oprah last week or so, she had a relationship specialist on and although I wasn't really listening, I tuned in when I heard her say that without togetherness, relationships really couldn't last...and so when PiePie called me to the garage later and I really didn't feel like being out in the cold.....I went anyways. Because a successful relationship not only is about togetherness, but also has participants that are willing to give as well as take.

Happy Friday....

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