Sunday, January 22, 2012

F is for Fabulous, Fashion, and Fun

I really want this book: I could be a What Not to Wear j-u-n-k-i-e if only I were home to watch each day at 11:00 or had the ability to record it. Alas, I do not, so I just wish that I could watch it, especially as I'm getting dressed each day. I love Clinton and his wit, and I love to read, so therefore, I deem this book worthy of being on my want list. Granted, I probably will never need to know a lot of the things that he talks about....I can't think of a time in this lifetime that I've needed to know where the silverware goes or how to decorate, but still.....I want this book. What books are on your "want" list?

There is something about reading (and owning) books that in and of itself is enough to make anyone want one...or a thousand or two. I like the convenience of my Nook Color at night, because I don't have a place for a lamp and Honey can't be disturbing PiePie's slumber, so the Nook is the perfect solution, but I don't like the idea of paying for a book that I can't hold and file on my bookshelf when all is said and done. Virtual just doesn't cut it for me. I guess I'm just too tactile for that. I couldn't digi scrap, I wanted paper. I love to sew and collect fabric....I love the feel, the texture, the patterns. I like to think I inherited that from my Granny who couldn't walk through a row of fabric without touching even if you offered her a million and one dollars. I remember Gramps laughing at us as we both would go through the rows of fabric, touching, touching, just have to touch! Back to the you keep yours when you're done with them? Are you ever really done with them? Do you go back and read them again?

Leave me a comment and direct me to your answer, please! I am curious!

Happy Sunday!

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