Saturday, May 5, 2012

It's almost here...

...Mother's Day, that is! 

When I saw this quote a week or so ago, I KNEW that I wanted to make something with it, and I knew it needed to be a class.  Since Mother's Day is approaching and us mothers tend to get a bit sentimental, it seemed fitting to work on it and offer the class now.  ("Now" being Monday, May7 at 6:00)

I found myself pondering the prayers I prayed (and still pray) for my children, and how this quote can be taken in thought in two different directions.  I have a few friends who have diligently prayed for a child, who have had trouble conceiving or carrying their babies.  I am happy to report that those friends all have babies of their own now, and all of the prayers for these children HIS time, not ours.  (Imagine that!)

Then, I think about how I never prayed for a child.  Not like they did.  It's funny..I never prayed to be blessed with children, yet my world has revolved around my prized possessions, my children, since I was the ripe "old" age of...hold on to your seats, please...15.  Yes, I was 15 years old when I found out that I would be having a baby.  I was scared to death, but I immediately started praying for the child that God had given me.  Fast forward a little while, and at age 17, I found out that I would be blessed with another gift from God.  And I immediately started praying for that child, as well.  Fast forward a very long time....and at age 28, I found out that I would be receiving a third miracle from He who thought I should not be done rearing children too soon.  And guess what I did?  Yup...I started praying. 

I often think about how differently my life could have turned out had I not been blessed, blessed, and re-blessed with the best things that have ever happened to me, and I am in awe that God knew *exactly* what I needed, and gave me those gifts, without me asking.  He knew just what I needed and when, even if the timing did seem kind of wonky and scary to me at the time.  :)  I mostly think that I would not have *chosen* to have children, but then, what 15 year old really does, ya know?  So maybe I would have later on down the line...nevertheless, I was given the three best surprises ever when God chose to allow me to be Mommy to Katie, Mama to Kevin, and Mom to Anna.  I thank Him each and every day that He has given me to be with my children, my friends, my anchors, my purpose, my life, for without them, I would be lost.

I love you, Katie Lynn Key.  I pray for you daily.
I love you, Kevin Allen Key.  I pray for you daily.
I love you, Anna Lucia Key.  I pray for you daily.

Thank you, Jesus, for these gifts you have given me, and help me to treat them as the jewels that they are day in and day out, and never to take them for granted.

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