Saturday, January 21, 2012

Meet the In-Laws...

Makayla took this photo at the nursing home a few weeks back. I figure that if I am going to talk about them often, and I will, that you should know who they are! These two have been so good to me....they took me into their family and loved me and my children regardless of circumstance, heresay, and rumors. Unconditionally. How often do you get that, I mean often do you get that? I've been twice-blessed with in-laws that love me...more than many see in one lifetime, I know. I am a lucky girl. Any prayers you wanna send up for Barb and Carl (or Granny and Papa) are appreciated...both have numerous health issues, and both need all the help they can get, so pray away! (Thank you.) That's all for today. Happy Saturday.

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