Thursday, January 19, 2012

So I'm 18 Days Late....

but at least I showed up! (Better late than never, right?) I said I was going to start blogging on January 1....oops.

Let's see...I think I shall make this a catch-up post, then really start sharing random things afterwards.

In case you care to know:

*I've been busy being happy.

*We have Kevin signed up for the Nashville Auto Deisel College.

*Kate starts "hair school" on Thursday of this coming week.

*Anna is still so stinking cute it should be illegal.

*Makayla is done (I mean d-o- n-e) with basketball. Whew!

*I got a new tattoo.

*The store is going well.

*Mark is busy taking care of us, the dogs, and any and everything else that needs to be done because he is Mr. Wonderful, and taking care of us is what he does best.

*We are caring for Mark's parents, and it is proving to be quite the job. I'm running 8 days a week, 26 hours a day. I'm tired.

*I'm happy.

*I think that's all. If I forgot something, feel free to ask.

See ya tomorrow!

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