Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A True Story

There once was a girl with straightened hair, so therefore, no curl. And she had an encounter with a on:

As I was leaving the house this dreary, rainy morning to get to the cardiologist where I was hoping not to hear dreary news, I decided to go the "forbidden" way to get there, and sure enough, Someone was watching, and Someone had a little fun with me. He put a car in front of me that went no more than 20 mph alllllll 3.5 curvy, wet, trecherous miles out to the highway. (Note to self: follow PiePie's rule and do not take this road!) We *finally* get to the end of the road (so much for my extra time to get there early....this 8 minute drive just turned into 18 easily) and just short of the stop sign....maybe 20 feet or so....she slams on the breaks for no apparent reason, leaving me to slam on mine...and hydroplane....and *right* when I knew I was going to hit her, I didn't. (Thank you, Jesus!) Out from under her car comes a squirrel, and before I could complete the thought of something like this: "REALLY!?!?!?! Did you REALLY just almost cause a wreck on these wet and nasty roads because there was a SQUIRREL in the road?!?!?!?!?" (I am not a promotor of roadkill, mind you, but I was always taught that if something runs out into the road while I am driving, I am to hold on, slow down, not swirve, and just go with it....and yes, with nothing behind me, I would have done the same thing....) So back to the sooner could I get my thoughts organized and quit being angry that she really just tried to kill me by making me rearend her over a SQUIRREL when I look up into the highway, and there it was.....the squirrel who got ran over anyways.

I hope you're not the squirrel, either! I'm happy to announce that my day ended better than that, with sunshine, even, and super-great news from the cardiologist!!!!! Thanks to all of you prayers out there for all of your prayers!

And now, I'm going to do this:



  1. How does this stuff always happen to you? Woo hoo for the good news from the doc.

  2. LOL...I have no idea. I really should have started my book back when I found out I was expecting Kate. I could be sitting on piles of gold by now, surely.


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